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Welcome to the Family

bloom2.jpgWe would like to welcome Piitsburgh’s very own Bloom by Robyn Greer as the newest product in to the store.

Bloom was created to help the scalp produce hair, promoting circulation at the surface to grow healthy hair strands. The system contains three products, shampoo, conditioner and progesterone. This system is vegan and all natural.


The shampoo is a therapeutic cleansing shampoo that provides a clean state that works in harmony with hair’s natural growth cycle, stimulating the scalp and promoting circulation.


Is a stimulating conditioner containing revitalizing and nourishing properties that add strength and body to all hair types.


Is a hormonal treatment, promoting hair growth, strengthening and nourishing hair strands, and adding manageability to all hair types

The complete system is $60.00+tx.