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Abril Nature


Cell Innovate

Cosmetics with stem cells of a vegetable origin. Stem cells represent one of the most fascinating fields in modern biology. They have very significant characteristics, and they are a key factor in the regeneration of the skin and hair, due to two basic properties which distinguish them from the rest of the cells: they can create a wide range of specialized cells of the same tissue, and they have the significant capacity to renew and regenerate themselves throughout the whole life of a person.

With bioactive ingredients with hair rejuvenation capacity.
With biotechnological actives capable of penetrating through the hair cuticle, up to the cortex.
With renewal action in the internal part of the fibre.
With effect of repair and straightening of the external part

Splendor Essence

A blend of plant stem cells culture extract with natural oils from argan, damascus rose, green tea, black tea and wheat germ, which provides anti-oxidant and anti-aging action.supplementary treatment to Cell Innove,

Oil eSPLENDORESSENCESxtract from argan and damascus rose to provides an extra shine and a silky touch to hair
anti-oxidant and anti-aging action by means of green tea, black tea and wheat germ oils
makes the colour of dyed hair brighter, without greasing.






Sublime Treatment Line is a powerful treatment for repairing the hair that has been damaged by aggressive hairstyling treatments, at both in the cortex and in the cuticle TREATMENTSUBLIMElevel. With long-lasting effect.

The line is formulated with the most innovative actives in the scope of long lasting hair repairing, which act on all hair damage, restoring the properties of a virgin hair.

With 18-methyl eicosanoic acid derivative which restores hair cuticle and locks cuticle cells into their original flat position
Plant protein complex: repairs the keratin chains in the cortex.
Plant stem cells culture extract: recovers hair youth.
Caviar extract: anti-oxidant effect by means of its content in vitamins A, D, E and B12.
Argan oil: helps regenerate the hair and, instantly, provides a powerful shine
Shea butter: moisturises and protects hair